Sunday, February 10, 2013


This commercial for the new Kia Sorrento was maybe my favorite commercial at the super bowl this year. The commercial combined the classic question that every kid asks, with a creative answers that parents could use, with the added advertisement of the car. It’s a great way to advertise to the car to the family with kids, who need to be able to do things in an instance.  The advertisers intended was to make parents think that with the Kia Sorrento their life will be a lot easier with the ability to control some of the cool add-ons of the car with just their voice.  The artistic elements, come with the humor of the story the dad tells the son trying to convince him that babies come from this mythical land with babies everywhere and that they take nine mouths to get down to earth then get delivered to moms and dads everywhere. It also is an imagination element with this whole story that gets the point across. It’s also used the innocence of the child to get the point across because with out that there would be no reason to have the commercial. Because the whole reason for the commercial was to answers the question then show the car in s little way so the viewers aren’t being just shown car the whole commensals like some of the other car commensals. It shows the car by not really showing the car, such as when they show the baby falling to the car it shows the outside of the car with the main focus still on the baby. It also dose a great job of showing the interior of the car with the shots of the family in it, which makes it look very nice and large, which probably the point of doing that and a very important part to cars.  I think that car commensals in the future should take a look at this one and should be used in marketing classes around the country. But then again that’s just my opinion!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Beth Weisbach
148 Stanbery Avenue
Bexley, OH 43209

Bexley High School                                                                                  Graduation Date: June 3, 2012
Bexley, Ohio
American University                                                                     Expected Graduation Date: May, 2016

National Honor Society                                                                                                                    2011
Ralph Pariser                                                                                                                          2009- 2011
 Having a GPA of 3.4 for the first three grading periods
National Society of High School Scholars                                                                                        2010
Honor Roll                                                                                                                               2008- 2011
 Having a GPA of 3.4 for each quarter

Bexley High School Thespians                                                                                              2008 – 2012
                  Director’s Choice Award-Kiss Me Kate                                                                          2011
                  Honor Thespian (Earned a letter)                                                                                     2011
                  Costume Crew                                                 Chocolate War                                        2008
                                                                                          Twelfth Night                                           2008
                                                                                          Seussical                                                                      2009
                  Costume Manager              Aliens                                                     2011
Alice and Wonderland                             2010
                                                            Wizard of Oz                                            2010
                                                            Robin Hood                                             2009
                                                            Get Smart                                                2009
                  Props Manager                        13                                                      2011
                                                            David and Lisa                                        2010
                                                           Arsenic and Old Lace                              2011
                  Lights Manager               Kiss Me Kate                                            2011                       
                                                          Black Comedy                                         2011
                                                                       And Then There Were None                    2011
                                                                                          New Student Showcase                           2012
                  Assistant Stage Manager              National Junior Thespian Conference                       2011
                                                                                          Musical Comedy Murders                       2011
                                                                                          Beauty and the Beast                               2012
                  Stage Manager                                     Up the Down Staircase                                       2011

B’nai Brith Youth Organization                                                                                                              2010-2011
                  President, Ziv Chapter

Temple Israel Sisterhood-Young Adults                                                                                                            2011-Present
                  Co-Founder and President
Helped raise money for my temple through a cookie dough sale
Organized “Mommy and Me” Tea Party
Created care packages service project for Israeli soldiers

Bexley Schools-Peer Mentoring                                                                                                                              2008-Present
Helped teacher graded and corrected students’ papers, also taught the students about the Galapagos.
Temple Israel Sisterhood                                                                                                                          2010-Present
Community Service in Israel                                                                                                                   2011
Participated picking potatoes for less fortune, entertained local children and helped out in a retirement home.
Community Service in Costa Rica
Participated in planning trees to make an avenue for animals to get from one side of the rain forest to another.

Costa Rica                                                                                                                                2012
Italy/Israel                                                                                                                                 2011
Bonaire                                                                                                                                     2011
                  Earned ½ credit of college Marine Biology.
Galapagos                                                                                                                                2010
London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam                                                                                       2010
Israel                                                                                                                                        2009
London                                                                                                                                    2008